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Opening a backed up database from the server

Question asked by FilmUser on Dec 11, 2013
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Opening a backed up database from the server

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     Hello, I'm new to Server and am using Server 12, overall going well. Deployed to about 20 users on a network, the corporate server is elsewhere in town. I lost some records from the database (don't know how, user settings make it unlikely that it was done through manual deletion) and want to restore them from a backed up file (backup occurs daily at 11pm).

     I have never tried to access backups because I haven't need to. I cannot see the server from my computer and for security reasons, even though I administer the databases, I must go throught the IT group to actually access the server from my computer (Windows XP Prof), likely to be an awkward process.

     Is there a way to open one of the backup files either through FMP or the server console? I plan to import only the missing records, not restore the entire database. I don't know how far back I have to go to find the records, and too much might have been done in the database since the loss of the records. I'm trying to open them from yesterday working back till I find the missing records.