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    Organizing Databases into Folders



      Organizing Databases into Folders

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      For the longest time, our Filemaker Server was hosting a handful of databases. But, over time, that number has swelled, and now there are about two dozen databases total. Is there an easy way to organize those databases into folders after the fact, i.e., after they've already been uploaded, in a way that won't break links between related files?

      Also, it seems that regardless of what folders databases are organized in, they still show up as just a flat list of databases in the "Open Remote" dialog in FMPro, regardless of whatever folder hierarchy there is. Is this necessarily the case, or is there a switch somewhere which will show the hierarchy of databases in folders?

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          Hmm, a folder structure in open remote would be a great new feature but not possible with the current versions of Server as far as I know...

          You can easily move files into folders, but whether that breaks file references or not depends on the type of external source reference used. As far as I know, if they use relative path references, (File: Filename), you can do this and not need to make any changes to the files in question. Do keep in mind that unless Server 11 added something new (I have server 10), back up schedules can only be set to update all the files in a folder or just one specific file--thus grouping the files in folders might require a change in your back up schedules.