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    OSX Server Leopard (10.5) and FMSAdvanced problem



      OSX Server Leopard (10.5) and FMSAdvanced problem

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      I am using OSX Server Leopard (10.5.5) to host my web site and everything was working correctly. Then I installed Filemaker Server Advanced and activated the Instant Web Publishing and now all my existing web pages that contained accented characters no longer display correctly. Apple Tech support is blaming FMS saying that it installed a font which is causing the problem. If I create a new html file on the server the accented character does display correctly. How do I get all my existing pages to display correctly (the html page coded to use the correct code page).


      Another issue is that the Appler Server Admin module has also been affected, the graphing capabilities is no longer working for the Web option. Does anyone know how to make it work again. It was working fine prior to the installation of FMSA?

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          I would probably look elsewhere for the issue as FileMaker Server does not install fonts.  I would be reluctant, anyway, to blame a font for a behavior such as this (newer files work ok).  Will the same behavior occur if FMSA is un-installed from the machine?


          I apologize I don't have an immediate answer, but this is the first time I have seen either issue and could not find any similar cases in my research.  On top of that, I'm not sure how much relevant troubleshooting I may be able to assist with concerning the Apple Server Admin module.  


          Has anyone else come across this issue and could help us out? 




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               I didn't think that FMSA installed a font, but I had to confirm. I thought that this had more to do with the PHP and Apache installation that  somehow blasted the code page for the server. I don't remember which options I chose during the install but it has a lot more probability. Unfortunately my knowledge of Apache is somewhat limited. Does anyone know if there is a preference setting that overrides which code page the site operate with (regardless what is coded in the HTML page).
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                 I verified and FMS9 does indeed heavily modify the file http.conf (among many other). The question is which line edit affected our default charset. Does the install proceedure create a backup copy of the original http.conf file before making those changes?
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                Try searching for the string AddCharset in the configuration files modified by FileMaker Server.


                This AddCharset should be moved to one of the <Directory /.../> </Directory>

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                  We found the offending entry.


                  /Library/FileMaker Server/Admin/admin-helper/WEB-INF/conf/fm-server-status.conf


                  FMSA added the entry AddDefaultCharset utf-8 at the end of the file which seems to overide all html code page instructions. We disabled the entry and the web site behave normally.