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      I've been using Filemaker 8.0 for many years for my personal/business database with a lot of success. I wanted to be able to see that information on my iphone, so i ordered Filemaker Go. Then I realized that I needed to install Filemaker Server (no problem, I own v8 of that) I installed it, and tried to 'host' my file so that I can see it through FM GO on my iphone. I poked around, reset some priveledges in my database, and now, when I try to open my database on my computer, it is requiring a password. (I believe that password is in the file that I am trying to open!)

      I do not know the password.




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          Hi Darryl Purpose:

          Thanks for posting.

          Have you tried using the default Admin login to open your database?  It sounds like the preference that automatically enters your login was reset in some way, which would prompt FileMaker to ask for the username and password.  The default username is admin in all lowercase, and the password field is left blank.



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            Thanks for your repsponse!

            I tried that - "admin" as user and blank password - and it did not work.

            Any other ideas for me. This is really critical information for me.


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              Hello Darryl,

              Have you tried looking at your Keychain access file in Applications>Utilities Folder?

              All you need is your current computer user name and password.

              There you can find many very old passwords, especially if you have moved your old computer to your new one without starting over when you got a new computer.


              Good Luck,


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                Great idea! It worked! :)

                Now I have the issue of wanting to CLEAR all passwords from my files and allow complete access to everything for everyone, so this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN! :)

                Anyone have good idea for me there?

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                  Delete all accounts except Admin and update it to have an empty password.

                  Then go to File options and specify that the file be opened with Admin and no password.

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                    Thanks for the reponses.

                    Apparently at some point, I had deleted the admin account. I recreated it with no password and deleted the other accounts and that seems to work, thanks!