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Path Problems

Question asked by JamesElander on Dec 2, 2011
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Path Problems

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All on the same machine:

Mac Mini, Mac OSX Lion Server, Filemaker Server Advanced 11,  Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 Client.



I am sure that my general stupidity is preventing me from accomplishing this EZ task. I have some videos that I would like to view in a container field either using IWP (enabled) or on another remote machine with a Filemaker remote install.

I keep getting the same messages, no matter what I try, of "cannot locate URL" or no link or video at all .....


I have tried:

1) putting the video in the web folder of the Filemaker Pro Advanced Client, and trying to access via "Quicktime Access" I do not see anything in the field remotely via Filemaker or on IWP. If I insert as a "file" and select the "relayive file path" dialog I see the "link" in both Filemaker Advanced Client and IWP, but when I click on the link it tells me that it cannot find the file and lists the path .....


2) Have tried other weird derivations like placing the video file in the Library/Webserver folder on the server, and placing the file in the Filemaker Server web folder....of course that did not work either ......