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    Path Problems



      Path Problems

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      All on the same machine:

      Mac Mini, Mac OSX Lion Server, Filemaker Server Advanced 11,  Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 Client.



      I am sure that my general stupidity is preventing me from accomplishing this EZ task. I have some videos that I would like to view in a container field either using IWP (enabled) or on another remote machine with a Filemaker remote install.

      I keep getting the same messages, no matter what I try, of "cannot locate URL" or no link or video at all .....


      I have tried:

      1) putting the video in the web folder of the Filemaker Pro Advanced Client, and trying to access via "Quicktime Access" I do not see anything in the field remotely via Filemaker or on IWP. If I insert as a "file" and select the "relayive file path" dialog I see the "link" in both Filemaker Advanced Client and IWP, but when I click on the link it tells me that it cannot find the file and lists the path .....


      2) Have tried other weird derivations like placing the video file in the Library/Webserver folder on the server, and placing the file in the Filemaker Server web folder....of course that did not work either ......




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          Did you insert the video into the container field after you moved it to the web folder or does it still store the reference to its previous location?

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            You should know:

            All on the same machine:

            Mac Mini, Mac OSX Lion Server, Filemaker Server Advanced 11,  Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 Client. The video is in the Filemaker Pro Advanced (client-not server)/Web  folder. When I access the record from the Filmaker Pro Advanced client database on the server machine it works just fine. However, if I try and access the record from IWP OR on any other machine in the office with Filemaker Pro installed I get the following message: "The requested URL/Kinder_Classroom_Transition.mov was not found on this server"  The actual location of the movie is Filemaker Pro Advanced Client/Web/Kinder_Classroom_Transition.mov

            and yes.....I deleted the record and started all over again as to try and make sure that Filemaker would see the path .....don't get it ....

            Couple of Questions:

            - The movie should be located in the Filemaker Pro Advanced "Client" web folder located on the same machne as Filemaker Server Advanced ....correct? ok to have it there ...right?

            - I saw some documentation that the movie file should be located at Library/Webserver folder.....whats that all about? Even if it is located there...Filemaker does not recognize (all grayed out) that location to upload Quicktime/Files to the DB.....you know anything about that ?

            - I see the link to the movie in both IWP and remote Filemaker but when i click on the link I get the "The requested URL/Kinder_Classroom_Transition.mov ......don't get it ...how can it work on Filemaker Pro Advanced client located on the server ....but nowhere else? IWP or remote Filemaker

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              If the file is hosted by FileMaker Server Advanced, then the file should be located in the web folder for FileMaker server Advanced, not the client. The hosting application has to be able to find the file there in order to transmit the file's data to the user's web browser when they play the movie.

              This will not, however, make the file available to users accessing the data from a FileMaker remote client. In order for a remote client to be able to access the file, it must be located in a shared directory that is mounted on the client's computer such that the path from the client's computer to the actual file is exactly the same as the file path stored in the container field.

              To make the same file available to both users will require that you share the web folder (set read only privileges on the folder so that they can't accidentally remove or change the files in this folder through direct access to the folder.)

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                WOW .....thanks for all the info .....got to say ....it's all rather disappointing ....I guess I just assumed more functionality than this from a program that cost so much ....   :(


                1 last question .....what about IWP ? ..am i just SOL with IWP?

                Is there a way to serve up a continer filed with a movie on IWP and how is it done?


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                  Oh ...just one more item ...would anything be easier using PHP assistant ...would it (movies on the web) work in that way ?

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                    You have the functionality you've asked for, you just have to set it up.

                    what about IWP ?

                    That's why you would put the images in the web folder of server advanced--so that IWP users can access the contents of your "by reference" container fields--movies in this case.

                    would anything be easier using PHP assistant

                    PHP opens a whole other set of challenges and I am not sufficiently familiar with its capabilities to offer much of an answer, but I doubt that it would be easier.

                    There are also ways to use a web viewer to play your movies.