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Pause Script on Server

Question asked by AlexCarvalho on Jan 9, 2012
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Pause Script on Server

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I'm trying to perform a script on server. We have FM Server and many clients using FMPro. The script is running, but pausing is not allowed with server scripts. 

The script was created to get the current currency rate from a website. It opens a webpage using webviers, captures the information, and populates the global fields I need. Everything is working well, but I need some time for the page to open, so that's why I inserted a pause on the script. The script is bellow:

New window ([window name])
Go to Layout [currency]
Pause/Resume Script [Duration (seconds): 30]
Set Variable [$gcontent; Value:GetLayoutObjectAttriute ("web"; "content")
Set Field [Global Fields::getcontent; $gcontent]
Commit records/Requests [No dialog]

Any ideas to go around this script, that works when running by a client, but not with FM Server?