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    PDF's Not Displaying Properly on Webdirect(Icons)



      PDF's Not Displaying Properly on Webdirect(Icons)

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      Has any one figured out why PDF files don't show up correctly on the FM web direct side? I just got off the phone with FM support and they could not give me an answer as to why the PDF icon is just showing up. I can't even "Export" it because it grayed out. On the FM pro side I have the "interactive content" enabled.

      Very frustrating!

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          john rafter:


          Thank you for the post.


          I am unable to replicate. To attempt to replicate, I performed the following steps:


          1. File > New Database > “PDF.fmp12” > Save

          2. Created a container field

          3. Placed the container field on the layout and set to interactive content

          4. New Record > Dragged a PDF into the container 

          5. Enabled the privilege for WebDirect for the default Admin account

          6. Uploaded with FileMaker Pro 13 to FileMaker Server 13.0v5 on Mac OS X 10.9.5

          7. Accessed via WebDirect and viewed the PDF with Safari and Chrome 


          The PDF file displays in the test outlined above. (See screenshot below.)


          Some questions to assist us with narrowing this down:


          1. What is the operating system of the FileMaker Server computer?

          2. What is the version of FileMaker Server 13?

          3. What are the full system specification for the computer? (RAM, Processor)

          4. Is this a single machine or two-machine deployment?

          5. Is SSL being used?

          6. What browser is being used to view the interactive container?

          7. Are the PDFs embedded or externally stored?

          8. Did this used to work previously?


          Perhaps I missed a step to replicate the issue?


          Please note: a minimum of 8 GB of RAM is required if using FileMaker’s WebDirect. Additionally, here are the system requirements and tested operating systems for FileMaker Server 13:


          System Requirements for FileMaker Server 13



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