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Perform Script On Server and 812 error

Question asked by fabriceN on May 21, 2014


Perform Script On Server and 812 error

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     this is 2 reports in 1.

     Today, a server suddenly stopped performing scripts (using PSoS), throwing error 812. Apparently no reason, was working smoothly before that. Certainly not reaching the user limit (we were 2, the limit was set to 10), and there was no other connection or so.

     Redeployment didn't solve. A restart did.

     Unfortunately, we didn't test the FMSE component status at the time.


     2nd report starts here

     then we decided to test what would happen in FMSE was down (good idea sometimes come too late), so I used the CLT to stop FMSE.

     we then realized that PSoE is NOT returning an error code. I really think it should.



     FMS 13v2

     MacBook Pro, OS X 10.9.3