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Phantom database

Question asked by JonMann on Jul 15, 2014


Phantom database

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     I'm have an obscure issue. My office has 2 subnets. One is /24 and the other is /24. These subnets are connected via a site-to-site VPN. We have a filemaker pro server on the address

     When users connect from the subnet and open filemaker there is a value present in the local hosts field of There is no filemaker server on that address or subnet even. When users connect to this they are directed to an unstable version of the proper database. They often see authentication issues and have trouble submitting data. If the user saves the correct server address ( to their favorites they can connect fine.

     I'm wondering if anyone has heard of or seen this? It confuses my users and causes problems with the information they think they added to a database.


     Thanks in advance for any assistance.