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PHP - add to filemaker search results array

Question asked by gsainc on May 4, 2011


PHP - add to filemaker search results array

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I am using PHP and Filemaker to develop a web app. This is mostly completed and I am quite pleased with the integration of the two technologies. I do have one issue I have yet to resolve. Here are some details:

I first use PHP to gather the users geolocation.

The data pulled from Filemaker includes geolocation information.

Then perform a search in the Filemaker DB showing result that fall into a given geographic radius of the user.

Then I use PHP again to display the results with a foreach statement.

Now what I want to do here is compare the geolocation info from Filemaker and that gathered from the users device allowing the results to be sorted by closest.

My issue is that I have to put the comparision data back into an array that also carries the Filemaker search results.

Then do a sorted foreach statement with PHP.

I can't seem to figure out a working method to add and array properly into the existing Filemaker results. 

Any help here is very much appreciated.