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    PHP - get Record by Field rather than by Id



      PHP - get Record by Field rather than by Id

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      I have a PHP enabled db which will be used to ask for and receive customer approval. The PHP access needs to pull a specific record via a URL accessed from the customers email. This URL will be something like this.



      I can easily use $record = $fm->getRecordById('Proofing', $_GET['ID']); to access the correct record but if I do so the URL displays the actual record id and that is way to easy to guess - giving access to those who may desire it.


      I don't want the customer to have to login either so I have created a field with a hard to guess string of numbers which is unique to that one record.


      My question:

      How do I access a record by some field other than the record id when first accessing the filemaker db via PHP?




      Forgot to say - using FMSA10 and FMA10