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    PHP 5.3.0 errors (deprecated messages)



      PHP 5.3.0 errors (deprecated messages)

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      When is FileMaker going to release updated PHP files for FileMaker support that will work with PHP 5.3.0 and later? This is not a new version of PHP. I hate to operate with files that I had to edit by hand. Especially since your support documents indicate that 5.3.0 is required on the Macintosh, I should not have to turn off warnings and other deprecated messages to use your libraries.

      Here is the information from your document fms11_cwp_php_en.pdf
      Note FileMaker Server has been tested with PHP version 5.2.11, for Windows and for Mac OS X v10.5, and with PHP version 5.3.0, for Mac OS X v10.6. For best results, use the appropriate version of PHP.

      I installed the FileMaker.php and Filemaker directories from /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/FM_API_for_PHP_Standalone.zip

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          Bradley Slavik:

          Thanks for posting!

          I highly recommend submitting this as a feature request here:


          I would do this for you, but it requests information that I won't be able to provide. Submissions here are regularly reviewed by the Product Management and Development teams for possible new features and changes in later releases.

          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            OK. I have requested the files be updated. I will post when I hear back. Had to fix = & to = in many places. Also had to fix some confusion about static/member functions. So far it seems to work, but it would be very preferable to have someone at Filemaker fix the files and run them through their test suite. If they provide me with the test suite, I am happy to massage mine until they pass all tests and share them back.

            Bradley Slavik

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              Wow! These FileMaker gurus are really on the ball! I post a month ago that I have mostly massaged the files to not generate errors, and here we are one month later with no response. Even took the time to fill out feature request with them and mentioned this in the request. I hope this will serve as a warning for anyone who is looking for reasonable support from their database vendor. I am going to recommend that client get OFF FileMaker after this disappointing incident. I cannot recommend a company where I invest hours cleaning up their mess and get no internal help. No one has shown any interest outside of initial response from TSBear.

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                Bradley Slavik:

                At this time, there has been no update to FileMaker Pro and the PHP drivers.  Our Development and Testing departments are aware of the multiple deprecated messages being logged.  If it is failing (other than the deprecated messages), then I'd like to see the files so that our Testers can confirm there is a different issue.  Please check your Inbox at the top of this page for instructions where to send the file.

                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  Maybe when I have nothing to do I can create a test program and database to prove that there are problems with the PHP code that does not appear to have a test suite, since no one has provided it to me. Meanwhile, I have a record that does not seem to work correctly. Other records work with the same code. Here is the PHP:

                              $findCommand = $this->connection->newFindCommand($this->layoutName);
                  echo 'Created find command';
                              $findCommand->addFindCriterion('PRI Job Number', $job_number);
                  echo 'Added find criteria';
                              $result = $findCommand->execute();
                  echo 'Executed find command';
                              $FM_records = $result->getRecords();
                  echo 'Got records';
                              $FM_count = count($FM_records);
                  echo 'Counted records';

                  I added in those echos just to see where command was hanging. They are not usually part of the process. This is a record specific problem, other records come back fine. I have no idea how to export record so you examine it for issues. I have run this on over 100 other records with no issues. This one record hangs during the execute(). I am considering adding time-out logic, but this would merely allow me to record when the issue occurs but would not fix it. This one record hangs EVERY TIME.

                  If there is a test suite, I am happy to work with it and make sure that everything works. But to develop one from scratch for your company with no compensation/contract in place is more than I am willing to do.