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PHP API add command and Error 507

Question asked by ayandyan on Nov 16, 2009
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PHP API add command and Error 507

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I am a newbie to Filemaker as well as its PHP API.



My client gave me a list of sample databases to work together with the API. I selected a significant database that consisted of 362 fields.


I successfully created a small program that will fetch and display selected 12 fields (out of the 362) from the database and also be able to edit and update each one of them.


Now, my problem is when I try to add a new record into the database. I created the newAddCommand object and set the fields and its corresponding values (setField).

After executing the newAddCommand object (execute()) to finally add the new record, Filemaker displays "Error 507: Value in field failed calculation test of validation entry option". All these fields by the way are Text fields and I don't see any Validated by Calculation attribute activated on any of them. 


Is there anybody who has experienced this before? Please shed me some light on this. I really need it. Thank you.