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PHP API and Global fields

Question asked by Tyler1 on Aug 10, 2009
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PHP API and Global fields

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In my Filemaker database, I have a global field that is set to the fiscal year. MANY calculated fields and field validation rules reference this field. I have setup a script that sets this global field upon file open. With the client and IWP, everything works great. My problem is with PHP.


I can retrieve accurate records easily with:



My problem is creating a new record. There doesn't seem to be any way to execute a script before a record is created. The problem is that the fields are validated using a global field. Since this global field is inaccurate (and I can't set it), the validation fails. How can I set this global field BEFORE the record is created so the validation passes?


I've also wondered this for a while now... how can I get this global field to hold it's value as long as my session is open? (similar to how the client works)


I am using Filemaker Server 10 Advanced with the latest PHP API.