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PHP API very slow

Question asked by LawrenceWard on May 26, 2009
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PHP API very slow

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my employer has recently started to look to Filemaker as a solution to all his problems. my specific task in all this is to create some PHP intergration of other lagacy systems, as well as a presentation platform for entities that need no access to bussiness logic and data.


all is fine and i have not had too much trouble to learn how the API works. except that i have seen that it becomes extremely slow with even the smallest queries.


for example, to just get the count of a findall query for about 5000 records takes more than 10 seconds(on the localhost!)

inserting those records from a CSV file through PHP took longer than 10 minutes.

performing the same tasks with MySQL/PHP will take less than a 20 seconds on the same machine.


now maybe im not quite up to date on how to use filemaker effectively, but this is just absurd.




// some initializing code here....

      function getrecordcount($table){      global $fm;      $result = $fm->newFindAllCommand($table)->execute();      if(!FileMaker::isError($result))           return $result->getFetchCount();      return 0;      }       echo getrecordcount('INVOICE').' records in INVOICE<br>'; echo getrecordcount('AGENT').' records in AGENT<br>'; echo getrecordcount('PRODUCT').' records in PRODUCT<br>'; echo getrecordcount('CONTAINER').' records in CONTAINER<br>'; echo getrecordcount('CONSIGNMENT').' records in CONSIGNMENT<br>'; echo getrecordcount('SALE').' records in SALE<br>';      


 oh, and as you can see i had to manually override php's memory limit to the script, otherwise it finishes with a FATAL error.


please, any GURU, enlighten me about whats going on here....