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PHP Connections are not being released

Question asked by Malcolm on Feb 27, 2011
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PHP Connections are not being released

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FMSA v10.0.2 Mac OSX Server v10.5.8

There are about 90 PHP clients displayed in console, they have been there for hours. The server is very slow. 

I disconnected the clients manually, then stopped and restarted the web server component via the admin console.  No obvious improvement. 

I checked activity monitor to see what resources were being used. FM Web publishing was above 400% CPU. I went back to admin console and stopped the web publishing. CPU use for that process rose to 1500% immediately and it did not quit! It is shown as quit in admin console. 

I Noticed that there was another FM Web server process that was not using much CPU. I force quit the original process. Went back to admin console and started web publishing. A second process did not arise in Activity Monitor. Admin console shows web publishing running.

 Clients are aggregating very quickly. I can disconnect them but it is continuous. Once the number of PHP clients exceeds 100 the database throws an error 956 - too many connections.

Anyone else suffering this problem?