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    PHP interface



      PHP interface

      Your post


      we are using Filemaker Server 11

      and each user has Filemaker pro 11

      I am thinking of creating a PHP interface. I know PHP pretty well.

      I want to be able to Use the Filemaker Database and to connect easily to the Internet with the PHP

      1. Is it possible ?

      2. will it effect the Server Seurity through the internet?

      3. disadvantages with using PHP?



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          Hi Amitai Abramson:

          Thanks for posting.

          The answer to your first question is yes, FileMaker can be used with a PHP interface.  FileMaker Server 11 contains a feature called Custom Web Publishing.  With Custom Web Publishing. You can create PHP pages that interact with your hosted FileMaker databases.  FileMaker Server 11 also comes with the PHP site assistant, which can help novice users easily create PHP pages to host through FileMaker Server 11.

          Custom Web Publishing through FileMaker Server has multiple ways to restrict access to databases.  You can set the PHP extended privileges in only some privilege sets to restrict users.  Disabling the PHP extended privilege set can prevent a database from being accessed with PHP.  The web server on your server can be set to restrict IP addresses and have SSL encryption enabled for additional security.

          The one main disadvantage of PHP custom web publishing is it’s not as user friendly as Instant Web publishing to setup.  Having some knowledge of how PHP works is essential to get the most out of the Custom Web Publishing. 

          I would recommend you visit http://www.filemaker.com/support/technologies/php.html for a rundown of FileMaker Server PHP in Custom Web Publishing. 

          You can also go to http://www.filemaker.com/support/product/docs/fms/fms11_cwp_php_en.pdf for a guide on setting up PHP Custom Web Publishing in FileMaker Server 11.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            The answer is efficient,

            I will dedicate the "free" time that I have in the next few days to decide on whether to creatr my new interface with FileMaker layouts or PHP



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              PHP and filemaker can be dynamite, but it is important to know php and css well. I am not the great php developer, so I have used fmstudio and dreamweaver and also got some help from php developers. Maybe this is below jour skills and you dont need it, but take a look at http://fmstudiopro.com/


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                Hi... Nicolay....

                Thanks, my PHP skill are good.... (also css)

                what I am usually stuck with is the first kick-off , of installing the PHP engine in the Server and installing API's and communicating with it.

                this stuff usually takes me more time than the programming itself...

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                  You probably can use the PHP assistant in Filemaker pro advanced to get the connection to the database established. I use fmstudio, and then you get a connection to the database, and can also choose layouts, scripts and alot of other stuff through dreamweaver and the fmstudio connection to the database. I have normaly made the basic connections to Filemaker via the fmstudio in Dreamweaver, and then my php programmer uses this and makes the rest.

                  I am on the other side, and really want to learn php and css (and am trying), to make powerful solutions. You are already there, good luck, I envy you.