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PHP Page Won't Work With FMServer 12?

Question asked by JamesBusch on Jan 27, 2013
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PHP Page Won't Work With FMServer 12?

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     Hello FMServer experts -


     I have been running Windows Server 2003 SP2 and FMServer 9 in a two-machine deployment, with the worker machine serving a PHP page using IIS 6.  This page submits a record to one of the tables in my solution.  It's run trouble-free for four years.

     This week I upgraded from FMServer 9 to FMServer 12.  I uninstalled 9 first, recording all my settings, then installed 12.  No problems.  I ran the deployment wizard, using all the same settings.  No problems.  At one point, I was asked whether I wanted to keep the same PHP engine or upgrade it.  I chose to keep it the same.  There was a choice to allow PHP to pre-validate records, and I checked it.  During the deployment summary at the end of the wizard, I saw "WPE Error 10006," but the deployment did not stop.

     After deployment (worker machine first) my FMServer 12 came right up.  I uploaded my databases and everything ran great.  Except the PHP page, which now won't load.  My browser says "page cannot be found."  See the attached image.

     I checked the ports, which are set the same as before and meet the conditions in the FMServer 12 deployment docs.  There is no firewall between the database server and web server machines.

     I had a session with FMServer tech support.  They did not know what WPE Error 10006 was.  They had me run the PHP test, which passed.  Then they said something must be wrong with IIS.  Needless to say, I don't buy the coincidence that IIS broke at the same time that FMServer 12 was being deployed.  I have arranged for a colleague who knows much more than I about web servers to look at it tomorrow, but I don't expect him to find anything wrong with IIS.  Any suggestions or discussion would be very much appreciated.

     Thanks in advance -