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PHP script broken in FMS12

Question asked by edave001 on Nov 16, 2012


PHP script broken in FMS12

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     I need to access a field in an associated table.  This code works just fine in FM11 Server.  We just installed an FM12 Server and now the same script does not want to work.  Any ideas?

     In the code below, the variables $layout and $zID have been successfully past to this script from an AJAX script.  I've cut out the HTML stuff to get to the PHP code where the issue appears.

     $result = $fm->getRecordById($layout, $zID);


           //Get Related Set for Product Categories
           $relatedSet = $result->getRelatedSet('CategoriesForStudent');
            foreach ($relatedSet as $nextRow){
//The Rest of this works.  This line right here is what is failing on me.