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    PHP Site Assistang Cannot Choose Layout



      PHP Site Assistang Cannot Choose Layout

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      I'm trying to use the PHP site assistant with Filemaker Server 10. i have PHP 5 compatible with FMS10 installed fine, my webserver is IIS on another machine running Windows 2003 Server, my Filemaker Server 10 is located on a Windows 2008 Server, I am stuck on the first step of the PHP Site Assistant, i am able to connect to my FM Server and i am able to choose a database but i am unable to click the "choose" button located below the "Choose a Layour Group" because the "Choose" button is inactive and not clickable. i have set all the proper permissions on the database aswell and i am at a complete loss any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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          One of the most common problems with people running PHP Site Assistant the first time is not setting up the database file properly with the extended privilege.  Therefore, go into FileMaker Pro 10 and open the database file.  Pull down the File menu and select "Manage -> Accounts & Privileges...".  In the next dialog box, click the "Extended Privileges" tab and make sure fmphp is listed.  If not, then add it.  Then, click the "Accounts" tab and double-click on the account name that you will be accessing with PHP.  Click the "Edit..." button to the right of the Privilege Set, and under the Extended Privileges, make sure there is a check mark next to "Access via PHP Web Publishing - FMS only (fmphp)".


          Quit out of FileMaker Pro and launch FileMaker Server and start the Admin Console.  Make sure under Overview that the Web Server and PHP are turned on.  Select "Databases", and make sure the file is set for PHP access.  After that, then launch PHP Site Assistant, create a new site, connect and you should then be able to choose the database file.


          If you are still running into difficulty, or if you are having difficulty with any of the above steps, please let me know.



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