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PHP Site Assistant error

Question asked by danemcg_1 on Apr 2, 2009
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PHP Site Assistant error

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Every PHP site I create using the FMP10 Site Assistant produces pretty pages with the message "Error: 7 - Running out of memory". The pages are properly placed, all graphics show properly, it just can't access the DB.


I've created a dead-simple tiny db to test with, and still get this error. Also, monitoring memory usage, I see that memory is nowhere near capacity, so the error message is spurious. Error logs don't specify any particular error in the php file, alas.


Running the Technology Tests used to work fine, now I get the error of "The WPE is refusing connections. Make sure the web server is started and try again. (Error 7 : Running out of memory)"


I can hand code a simple php page (one that doesn't access FMP), which will display properly, so it's not a problem with the php install.

Did an erase & install of OS X (10.5.6) Server before installing FMS 10, so system settings are pretty standard; no legacy FMS 9 files lying around.

Single machine setup, FMP & PHP & Apache all on the same box, no external links.

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-Dane McGregor