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    PHP Site Assistant error



      PHP Site Assistant error

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      Every PHP site I create using the FMP10 Site Assistant produces pretty pages with the message "Error: 7 - Running out of memory". The pages are properly placed, all graphics show properly, it just can't access the DB.


      I've created a dead-simple tiny db to test with, and still get this error. Also, monitoring memory usage, I see that memory is nowhere near capacity, so the error message is spurious. Error logs don't specify any particular error in the php file, alas.


      Running the Technology Tests used to work fine, now I get the error of "The WPE is refusing connections. Make sure the web server is started and try again. (Error 7 : Running out of memory)"


      I can hand code a simple php page (one that doesn't access FMP), which will display properly, so it's not a problem with the php install.

      Did an erase & install of OS X (10.5.6) Server before installing FMS 10, so system settings are pretty standard; no legacy FMS 9 files lying around.

      Single machine setup, FMP & PHP & Apache all on the same box, no external links.

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      -Dane McGregor

      WPS D39

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          Thank you for your post.


          There has been a problem reported that the old PHP files from FileMaker Server 9 are not replaced by FileMaker Server 10.  When you install FileMaker Server 10, the FM_API_for_PHP_Standalone.zip is put into the WEb Publishing folder.  Open this file and a FileMaker.php file and a "FileMaker" folder are extracted.  Copy this file and folder and put these into the following folder:


          Hard Disk -> Library -> WebServer -> Documents


          or into one of the include_path directories in your PHP installation.  The default for Mac OS X is /usr/lib/php


          Please let me know if this corrects the problem.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            No, I'd noticed that issue in other forums; I did a complete erase of the hard drive & re-installed OSX server before installing FMSA 10; there was never a version of FMSA 9 on this install.


            Tried copying those files into place; made no difference.

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                 The error might indicate that some html has already been supplied by the time the system wants to send the session cookie - look in the 7 lines beforehand for any echo commands or outputted html, and move to below line 8.
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                Hi, TSGal:


                I am having a similar problem to danemcg. I installed FileMaker Server 10 Advanced on a Mac Leopard Server (10.5.6), which is running just the webserver and no other services. This is a new machine, with a new, clean install of Leopard Server (and all software updates installed), it never had FileMaker Server on it, just has FileMaker Pro. We are not using the PHP default Leopard Server install, but using another download that is PHP v. 5.2.6, and when I deployed the FM Server I selected the option to use our PHP version, and it found it. I moved the FileMaker.php and corresponding folder to the appropriate include_path directory for our PHP install. I've uninstalled and installed the FM Server twice, but I still get the following message every time I test the PHP web publishing engine:


                The PHP connection to the FMServer_Sample database failed. 


                The Web Publishing Engine is refusing connections. Make sure the web server is started and try again. (Error 7; Running out of memory)



                We have no firewall, no proxy server, all necessary ports have been checked and are open. Can you help? I've searched the forums and the internet and cannot seem to find a solution.




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                  FWIW: a setting in OS X Server seems to have been at fault, at least for me:

                  In Server Admin, select Web service, click on the Sites tab, and under General options for the web site, the third line down (at least in server version 10.5.6) is IP Address:.

                  Setting this field to the IP address of the box bollixed things up; setting it to "any" from the drop-down list allows FM PHP to run properly.

                  No clue why....<!-- POLLS --><!-- FILES --><!-- SIGNATURE -->

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                    Oh, my gosh, that worked for me, too!!!! Thank you SO much for suggesting it, I've practically been in tears trying to get this FM Server to workfor the past day and a half.


                    And now that this "solution" is out there, hopefully it will help others! 


                    Of course, like you, I have no idea why this change makes it work, but as long as it does and everything else still works with my web server, I'm content not knowing why!




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                      I have the exact same error during the technology test and the suggestions below havent helped.


                      Anyone else have any ideas?

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                        Some problem here with Snow Leopard Server.

                        Running Snow Leopard Web Publishing, some solution... setting the IP Address for any solved the problem.

                        Thanks a lot for the hint.