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PHP Site Assistant unable to choose layout group

Question asked by atonnu on Mar 25, 2010
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PHP Site Assistant unable to choose layout group

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I have FM Server Advanced running on a MAC OS X Leopard server. All of the test pages after the installation worked fine. I uploaded my database to the server after I setup extended priviledge with fmphp enabled for guest user.  I tried to create a site using PHP Site Assistant. I was able to connect to the database server and choose my database. However, the Choose Layout group option is always grayed out. I looked into the server Log Viewer and found that for the Web Publishing Engine module, there was an error saying "wpc1 error Unexpected error had occured MSC 500" What does this error mean? How can I make this to work? I also tried with the FMServer_Sample database but it didn't work either.

Please note that the IWP and XML/XSLT Site assistant worked fine but not PHP Site Assistant.