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PHP Site assistant unable to find host

Question asked by Polarpro on Jul 8, 2010
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PHP Site assistant unable to find host

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Hi there,

I've installed FMS Adv 11 on my Mac Mini, and it seems that everything runs well. I can upoad databases, connect to them, and so on. Only one thing does not work: I started the PHP assistant, and when I try to create a new site and to connect to the server I get "Host not found."

The address I use is . This address has worked so far, when I key in in a web browser window I get the expected "It works!"

I wonder where the connection fails. I even switched off completely my Firewalls, but still it didn't work. (So, the firewalls are switched on again :)

I guess the problem could lie anywhere deep in my computer... Any ideas where to search?

Thanks a lot - Mike