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PHP Site Asst. file password issue

Question asked by ScottH on Dec 1, 2009
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PHP Site Asst. file password issue

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I recently installed Filemaker Server 10.0.2 on a Win 08 machine.  We have successfully connected with and use the PHP site assistant theme publisher for the FMP Test Database.  Since that was working great, we decided to upload our FMP 10 database and in the Server Admin consol were able to install and verify that the PHP feature was installed and working with a green check.  So now when we go to the PHP Site Assistant to publish our db with a theme, we try to connect to our fmp database and it asks for a username and password.  We put the correct (for sure) username and password and it says its invalid.  To verify that it was valid, we went to FMP 10 on that same server, opened it with the same username and pw, no problem there. It seems to be only an issue when connecting remotely to database when we are attempting to publish it via php through the Site PHP wizard.  I even made sure that the username "Guest" has full right and access because it shows it trys to login as Guest.  Any ideas?  Majorly holding up our progress. thanks.