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PHP testing

Question asked by vision on Oct 10, 2008
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PHP testing

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I am running FMSA 9.0.3 under Mac OS 10.4.10 using the 2 computer model. I am using Safari as my test browser.


To test our PHP-FM setup, I used the FM PHP Site Assistant and created a simple form (addrecord) site.  It successfully created a site using a test database that was created with the proper privileges/extended privileges and hosted by our FMS.  I moved the site to our web server and I can bring up the site in a browser on the server.  


If I leave all the data entry fields blank on the addrecord page in the browser, and submit the request, a new record in the test database is generated.   But, if I enter any data in any of the data entry fields on the addrecord browser page, I get an unknown error message in the browser window and no new record in the database. Furthermore, if I successfully create a new blank record using the browser, but then try to create another blank record, an error message stating the "error result is null" is returned.   If I simply empty the browser cache or restart the browser, I can again create new blank records.  


Opening the test database in FileMaker Pro using the same passwords as used in the PHP file allows normal record creation and data entry.  


It seems that the PHP connection to test database is present, but clearly I have something setup incorrectly.  Suggestions?  Thanks