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PHP to add from Joomla Form

Question asked by encoreandy on Apr 4, 2014
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PHP to add from Joomla Form

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     I am currently collecting customer information in my Regency Main.fmp12 file that is stored on my home server running FMServer 12. 

     I have a Joomla website that is hosted on a separate server that collects enquiry information using the form component RSForm Pro (link can be found here

     I would like to be able to have customer information collected from my website automatically added to my customer table, however I am struggling slightly to work out how to do this. 

     I have my fields on a layout called "Customers" and the fields that I want to copy from my form submission to Filemaker database (they are the same in both the Joomla table and Filemaker Table) are "First Name, Last Name, Address Line 1, Town/City, County, Postcode, Phone Number and Email". 

     I have looked at how to link filemaker api however not sure what I need to change in which file as I also want to be able to use the information provided here to add to other files by collecting the information from other areas of my website.

     I hope that this is clear and any help would be very appreciated.

     Kind regards