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PHP Tutorial Questionnaire.

Question asked by KAmsinger on Jun 7, 2011


PHP Tutorial Questionnaire.

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Hi. I am on FMP 10 Adv and FMP 10 Adv Server on Windows operating.

I am using the PHP Tutorial that came with the FMP Server for the Questionnaire setup through PHP to be filled out online and creates a new record with the information entered into the fields in the database file Questionnaire.fp7. I have setup my questionnaire online and it is submitting the information into the correct fields in the Questionnaire database. However, I want to setup 2 additional features on this questionnaire that I just can't seem to work properly. 

First, I want to add either in the respondent.php, handle_form.php or in the thankyou.php, 2 upload image functions to do an images upload. I want the images to either be stored in a folder on my server, or (ideally) be uploaded to the correct Respondent ID record on the questionnaire database in container fields. The php file that the uploaded images php code are placed in doesn't matter, which ever one makes it easier to setup. 

Secondly, I would like to setup a submit button on the thankyou.php that takes all the questions and answers, and if possible the 2 images the person uploaded, and emails me the form to my email acct and attaches the images as attachments in the email. 

If anyone has any suggestions on how i can accomplish both would be wonderful. I have already tested maybe a dozen 3rd party php files for form to email and for image upload and I can't seem to get either to work with the questionnaire php files or the questionnaire database on my server.

Thx in advance!