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PHP upgrade for Advanced Server 10

Question asked by peterd42 on May 28, 2009
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PHP upgrade for Advanced Server 10

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This may be useful for someone (maybe not), and I would like a moderator to comment if possible about whether this is something that has been tried, and if I am heading for disaster.


Configuration - FM 10 advanced server running on Windows Server 2003. Clients connect using SSL. Server 3 gigs ram.


Gave up on IWP as it was just not flexible enough for what I wanted to do.

PHP used to develop a website to connect to Filemaker which in turn connects using ODBC to various SQL databases.


Problem - slow response and various crashes resulting in having to reinstall server twice.

Cause - even simple PHP requests max out the memory on the machine, killing IIS and WPE. Nothing seemed to fix other than a reinstall.

Solution - upgrade the PHP that filemaker installs as default from 5.2.6 to the latest version 5.2.9-2. This took about 20 mins to do.


This has improved things. No longer have crashes at startup, and the speed is marginally better. WPE would always throw up errors - 

Faulting application fmswpc.exe, faulting module PHP5isapi.dll. 

This seems to have been solved. I hope filemaker comes out with an update soon to fix these issues.


Upgrading from 5.2.6 also means Filemaker needs to change some of their underlying PHP code.

Errors appear similar to the following "Only variable references should be returned by reference in ..." ( name of file which has the error), in my case a filemaker supplied file called LayoutImpl.php.


Notices appear on screen with debugging on to let you know about this. Luckily you can just ignore those for the moment, and everything works fine. I could modify this file to fix the error but maybe this is something Filemaker needs to do as a bug fix? Having said this I am far from a PHP guru,  so it may be something I am doing wrong with my code.


From my point of view, the server is still flaky, but much improved with the PHP upgrade.

Filemaker and PHP is a great solution to many problems. Would love Filemaker to put more effort into PHP as this is a very popular development language.


Users running advanced server under OS X probably have none of these issues.