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PHP web publishing slow (External Datasource)

Question asked by cocoa123 on Apr 19, 2012


PHP web publishing slow (External Datasource)

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  I have a PHP site that talks to two files hosted on FMSA11.  When communicating with one of the files the site is very fast and responsive.  However when communicating with the other file it is very slow and sometimes even times out.

After reading many posts and trying many of the suggestion regarding PHP slowness, I found my problem.  It turned out that in the second file that was giving the slow responses for every type of interaction, we had an external datasource defined to a third filemaker file.  In the ED, we had first a relative file: reference to the 3rd file and under that we had a fmnet:// reference to the 3rd file on another server.

We had the responsive problems in development because the fmnet:// address was invalid on our development network.  

It seems that with PHP and the web engine the order of the file references in the External Datasource are not obeyed? We hoped in developoment that the file: would be found as the 3rd file is local on the same server and that it wouldnt need to look for the next one listed - fmnet:  Also beware PHP will be very slow and maybe outright timeout if you have an external datasource that can not be validated!

I hope this can help some others having slow PHP response.  Typically we find PHP performance pretty good.