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PHP web server off

Question asked by JamesLiang on Oct 5, 2011
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PHP web server off

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Hi Sir,

  I install FMS 11 trial version on my virtual server (IIS on, Static IP), but after several times re-install, I give up. because

FMS couldn't get IIS. and only ODBC is working. so I install on regular server (Win 2008 R2). ODBC & Web Publish Engine 

are "on", PHP web server still off. for those, I have 3 question

1. How to enable PHP web server ( system show web server test failed after configure, and this server has SharePoint server too, but use different port )

2. I can run IWP database on Android Table browser, but couldn't open ODBC data. if I used FMS. do I get ODBC records on Android tablet by IWP or I still need use FM Go on iPAD ?

3. how to open the DB on FMS by browser ?