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Plesk and Filemaker 11 Server advanced (Newbie)

Question asked by JoeDickenson on Oct 12, 2010
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Plesk and Filemaker 11 Server advanced (Newbie)

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I'm new to servers so go eassy on me!!!! :)

I have installed server 2008 got plesk running on it and created 2 domains that work via there domain name not IP. So I'm pretty happy about that :)

Now I went to install Filemaker 11 server advanced and I get up to the bit where it says something like enable web server publishing. I proceed to install the ODBC/IWP/PHP server etc but I goes to a page where it says please enter you hostname/port etc.

I do this but I get Web Server test failed = -1 I have tried localhost, local IP, public IP etc but get no where. What am i doing wrong please?

I have searched google but don't seem to get any answers :(

Many thanks