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    Port conflict with Apple Server



      Port conflict with Apple Server

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           This is a question related to port conflicts. I have Filemaker Server running on my Apple Server computer. We are hang issues with Port #443 and Port #80. I would like to keep everything on this one computer if possible. Do you have any suggestions related to changing these 2 ports in the Filemaker Server program? Do I just pick any numbers? How will this affect us after?? I am sort of lost with this Port issue. Thanks for any help.

           I have a Mac Pro running the latest OSX 10.9.4

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               If you are using Filemaker Server 13, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it is not designed to work on a Mac Server. According to the instructions and requirements it is designed to work on a standard OS installation and will insist on controlling 443 and 80. Quite a few people here have had the same issue including me.

               Take a look here for some of the debate and ideas being put out there: filemaker server 13 web-server and OS X web server confusion/setup

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            First. Thank you for the reply!

            A little earlier today I found out the same thing from a different rep at Filemaker. This started out by me asking if I was to just be dumb and buy a very fast computer like the Mac Pro, then set it up with both Server software and Filemaker Server, would it work? I told the rep the only other reason for this computer was to eventually host my own website(s), including using Filemaker. I was told that it was not advised because of potential port conflicts. HOWEVER, I was able to change the ports manually to avoid this. So I bought a very fast computer since I am an Apply fanatic! I have over 100 PC's in my business and there is not a day that I go thought without some kind of computer and/or network issue. On the other hand, I have not had an Apple issue until now. The rep today told us we were given incorrect advice. Apparently this was a possibility with FileMaker 12 and not 13. I guess this new information should somehow make me feel better. Especially after calling them over and over to ask what the heck was going on. So it appears I have to buy another computer to add to my Apple collection. This has been a big waste of money and time for my employees and myself. Oh well.... As a business owner, this is not the first time and I am certain not the last time this will happen to me. Time to move on to the next problem and help out the economy with another purchase. 

            Thank you again for your reply!

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              We use FileMaker for business as well. I found the same issue and had to purchase additional hardware. FileMaker seems to be turning itself into a platform but does not integrate with my regular web site as well as in the past despite the promotion of custom web publishing. How can it be custom when my web site must reside on the FileMaker server?

              Good luck.

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                Hi Todd,

                I will be the last one to talk you out of buying a second Mac Pro, i guess the couple will look awesome ;). But why not try this first: we also run a Mac OS X Server for general purposes and our FileMaker Server 13 is hosted on a virtualized Mac OS 10.9 by VMware Fusion 6 on that same machine. We had no issues so far, performance is good and the configuration brings along a bunch of other advantages.


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                  I want to thank you for your replies. I am EXTREMELY new at this. To be honest it is a little confusing to me! I was hoping Apple would have updated their hardware already. I was going to buy a new Mac Mini or something like that. I do not need another monitor. I am seriously leaning towards another Mac Pro. I am sure it is overkill.. This won't be the first time I have done something like this. Apple loves me :)

                  It just so happens that the database I am working on contains a lot of container fields and has a lot of high resolution images. I collect animation (the old hand drawn images and cels used to make cartoons). I have a lot of cool art that everyone has seen in the movies and on TV while growing up! The database is already closing in on 6 gigabytes and I have not even stored the actual old cartoons on there yet. FM suggests quad core power as a starting point for using a lot of containers. So... I might as well use quad core on steroids! VM was suggested as a POSSIBLE work around by FM and by Nils above. It is possible this will work. I am sure I won't have to worry about updates to FM or VM or Apple OSX and how it may/may not interfere with performance in the future. Well I am really NOT sure of this. I figure, just go with what is recommended at this time. I have been playing with this for a few month now and want to get the show on the road. I will have web hosting and mail serving to keep the Mac Server busy anyways.

                  I am guessing that within 1 week of me buying my next computer, Apple will come out with new hardware! This is the way things go! Again... Thanks for the comments!