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    Potential user, wondering if Filemaker is enough...



      Potential user, wondering if Filemaker is enough...

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      Hi there.

      I've been told my requirements fit precisely with what Filemaker can do, but I thought I'd ask here to see your thoughts.

      I basically need to generate reports from imported data, as well as offer a way for 3rd parties to verify that a generated report came from us. To do that we'll create projects which contain candidates and test results, and then produce reports

      1. import a CSV file with a candidate name, email and 50 separate test results, creating a unique code for each result
      2. generate a 1 page PDF report with fancy look, with the verify code, attached to an email and sent to the candidate
      3. optionally create some other reports for the project - 1 or 2 page PDFs, a table of results (XLS), etc, all downloaded in one zip to a user
      4. work in 7 languages for the reports
      5. 6 users at 6 locations who will upload the CSVs and download the PDFs or XLS
      6. offer a web login page for anyone to use to enter the verify code and candidate name, to see the (regenerated?) original 1 page report (#2)
      7. security of test results.
      It looks like I could use a hosting site to hold the database, then have 6 separate FMPro12 applications connecting to it - or just have them login via the web?  I'm concerned that some of the scripts(?) to send email, create PDF, create XLS say they aren't available on the web, which would affect my #6 at the very least.
      Would appreciate your input on the above.

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          Web publishing will have a number of limitations you won't have with FileMaker clients. The script steps you noted are just part of the challenge you'd have to deal with if using Instant Web Publishing so that your users don't need Filemaker to connect.

          4 could also be a challenge. FileMaker doesn't have any built in ability to translate, so you'd need to produce the transalations and set up a way for FileMaker to select the correct language for a given user.

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            Thanks Phil, yes it looks like I'd need to focus on it being a Filemaker app. Then write a one page web output just for the verification, producing some simple page to confirm the certificate (but not generating the actual PDF).

            As for languages I assume I'd either have variables in the report or just do 7 different versions of the same report outline, to insert the scores into. There is really no other way of doing it is there?

            Thanks again.

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              As long as you don't expect FileMaker to do the translating, FileMaker can handle the languages. One way is to enter the text into different records then select a language in a global field used in a relationship to link to different translations of the same text.