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    PreSales question-Apple Xserve



      PreSales question-Apple Xserve & Filemaker

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      Before purchasing any Filemaker product, I need to know which software product has the capability of working with the Apple X-Serve and web pages, allowing visitors to a site to search a video database, pulling up video and viewing. I would like to see a program that can work with a website so that viewers can easily search the video archive, pull up the video, and even possible save that video to their desktop. Can this be done with any of the Filemaker products?

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          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker Pro has the ability to display web pages where you can search.


          A Container field holds graphics, movies, photos, sounds up to 4GB in size, and they can be viewed.


          Download a free 30-day trial version of FileMaker Pro, and set up some basic fields.  Turn on Network sharing, and you can have others use the same file.  Turn on Instant Web Publishing (provided you have a static IP address), and you can access the file via the web (up to five users simultaneously).


          If you are going to eventually have this on Apple X-Serve, you should look at FileMaker Server (or FileMaker Server Advanced), which not only hosts the file, but allows you additional custom web publishing.


          Please visit our product pages on our web site.


          If you have any additional questions, please contact me.



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