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    Previous FMS Installs



      Previous FMS Installs

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      Where can I find the install files for FMS14? I see on the FileMaker.com website there are the files for the update to 14.0v2 but I need to find the 14.0v1 file so that I can install FMS first.



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          If I understand you correctly, you are looking to upgrade a product you don't already have?.

          I suggest you go directly to the filemaker server page and request a 30 day trial. After registering you'll be sent a link to download FMS14 with a trial licence. I would think the download version would already be at v14.0.2. 


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            No the problem is my clients FMS service wont start, so i wanted to try a repair and found that the software folder I had on his network with the FMS install files has been removed. So I was hoping that I could just go to the FM website and download the file to do the repair, but the only FMS file I can get is the upgrade. I tried using the FMS link I got when the license keys came through, but that link now also only goes to the update file. I just wish FM could keep the link for the previous FM files if the next one is an upgrade/update file only. Now I have to fill out the trial software link again, just to get the file I was able to download a few months ago.

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              Are you sure the original link you had only goes to the 14.0.2 update?.

              My original link included in my licences was to the full FMS 14.0.1 and if I click it now it downloads fms_14.0.2.226.dmg (333mb) not the 30mb update fms_updater_14.0.2.266.dmg

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                Nathan Veitch:


                Thank you for the post.


                Full installers of FileMaker Server 14 are not available on the FileMaker website. You may contact FileMaker's Customer Support to retrieve your software download information.


                For North America, contact Customer Support toll-free at 800-325-2747.  


                Outside of North America, contact the FileMaker office nearest you.


                Contact Us: http://www.filemaker.com/company/contact/



                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  Hi there,

                  When I checked the file again I saw that the one from the license documentation was bigger than the update from the website.