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    Print script for server



      Print script for server

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      For months I have been working on a project that requires a printable pdf from a browser after a lot of calculations.


      The calculations are easy compared to generating the pdf from a server in a browser.  Finally bought FMStudio and the books and the pdf module and I am more then a month into it and sort got part of it working.  I can make it work on the development machine but when I try serving on different servers the graphics do not show on the pdf.  And filemaker has a better way (very complex in line css) of presentation when a pdf is generated.  I have got to assume it comes down to a license issue with adobe???  Also, currently FMStudio is for the most part they are unresponsive.


      Now I am thinking about throwing all that I have done away and will try the idea of a slave box with Filemaker for printing the pdf - then server up the finished pdf.


      *****   Can someone out their help me with the code / scripting / even the best concept of someone who has done it before.   There seems to be a lot of people in the same boat.  Even some code to get me started???  How do I trigger the slave box???  ******


      If the newer versions had the answer I would buy what is needed today!  But it seems the issue was not addressed.


      FMSA9 on windows 2003 server , FMA10, FMA9 and all clients on xp with FM8.5 or better


      Thanks, Larry


      Please help!



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          Hi Larry,


          I am working at a similar solution at the moment. I do not know how others are doing this but I finally decided on a Scheduling robot. I have created a table for the schedules which will contain one schedule per record with fields for frequency, script name, etc.  I intend to use the OnTimer scripts and leave the db running on a client installed along-side the server. Since most of what is needed for this are automated reporting generation scripts that will run when the network and server traffic is at a minimum, I do not foresee an issue with resources. I have done a bit of searching on the web and, unfortunately, this appears to be the most inexpensive and reliable way to generate pdf reports automatically from FM. With everything going on I will likely be the middle/end of next week finishing that project (unless my priorities get change for me lol) but I will help as I can if you wish. :)


          Matthew Smith

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            Thanks a lot of your response.  My need is a little different.  I need the "quotes" to print one a design is done.  So I think I am going with 360Works remote scripter with a stand aside box, simular to what your doing.  And have a trigger a script to save as pdf then call the pdf to the users browser "all at the same time" . I am not done yet, but hope it work.


            Thanks again, Larry