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    Pro vs. Server



      Pro vs. Server

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      Hello everybody!


      My 30+ employee company wants to deploy filemaker as a company-wide ERP solution. I have done some research on filemaker and concluded that it is necessary to purchase FM Server, since all those people should be able to (potentially) access the data simultaneously. However, I cannot find any more information about how FMS actually interacts with FileMaker Pro:


      Is it even necessary to purchase FileMaker Pro if you have Server? If so, would one installation of FileMaker Pro suffice for administration purposes (since the actualy end-users are using the web-interface of FileMaker Serve)?


      Thanks! I'm looking forward to working with FM. Looks very promising :)


      best regards,


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          FM Server - provides access to all the files

          FM Pro - connects to the server for the files


          1 copy is all you need of server. 

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            Thanks for your input. I realize I only need one copy of server. To rephrase the question, I am wondering how many Standard FM Pro licenses are needed in a typical setting.

            I am thinking of getting one standalone FM license for setting up the filemaker database, correcting fields, layouting, etc. that is then shared via FM server. Is the web interface provided by FM Server mighty enough to replace the standalones for  non-administrative users?

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              FileMaker Pro is necessary on ALL workplaces unless you use IWP or PHP API.

              Server just to allow get necessary amount of clients to database OR make PHP access.

              Cheapest is Server and one FileMaker Pro (creating databases).

              The via IWP (again - IWP is not the same as FM but close from client point of view) or PHP (with Server you get PHP Assistant) clients get access to database.

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                   I believe that you need Filemaker Server Advanced instead of Filemaker Server in order to host your files so that users can access the file via their web browsers. There's a significant difference in price between the two so look before you leap.