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Problem executing a  scripted Find in IWP  - Filemaker 8

Question asked by cradabaugh on Jan 8, 2010
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Problem executing a  scripted Find in IWP  - Filemaker 8

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We have an application on our Filemaker Server (8.0v4) (the box is Windows Server 2003).  One particular script takes the user to a layout, enters Find mode, and the user is to select a Radio Button choice from value lists.  This works well from a filemaker client, but not from our Instant Web page.  The behavior from the IWP page is that clicking on any of the radio buttons results in this message:


The page at http://our server name says:

Bad Request

The server could not process your request due to a lmissing command.  "".


I've tried to tweak the script, and searched the forums, and haven't found the remedy.


The script has - 

Go to Layout[Search]

Set Error Capture [On]

Enter Find Mode [] Pause

Perform Find[]

If  [Get (LastError) > 0]



The error is kicked at us before the logic for error handling is executed.

Any ideas?  Is the IWP plus a find with radio buttons  not supported?