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Problem getting FMAS10 to be visible on public internet

Question asked by wngiii on Feb 12, 2010
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Problem getting FMAS10 to be visible on public internet

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Hi.  I'm having issues getting our FileMaker 10 Advnaced visible on the public Internet.


The documetion is a bit "light" on what needs to be moved/copied from where to get this working.  Here's the background.


We have IWP running, with no problems, on our internal network.  This is on IIS, Server 2k3.


I have mapped a public url and IP to point to a dedicated IP address, and setup the firewall to forward and NAT translate the public IP address to the private internal IP address.  DNS entries are configured so that the same url works both internally and externally.  The internal DNS entry points to the internal IP address of the server,, and the public IP address gets NAT'ed to the same internal IP address.


Initially, when I got this setup, from INSIDE I got the IWP home page, listing the shared database you can click on, then get to the FM login screen.  Good.


When coming around from the PUBLiC side, I get the IIS Under Construction page, and no resolve to the IWP home page.


Initial thought, was I needed a "landing" page, so I added a default.htm page, that has the LINK to the internal database.


That got me similar results.  From inside, I now get the default.htm landing page, with a working link to the IWP home page.

From the PUBLIC side, I get the same default.htm landing page, but the link to the DB doesn't work.


From reading the docs, there is discussion about MOVING file from a "Web" folder to the iisroot folder (which would be the IIS Default site), but looking at the FMServer 10 directory structure, I'm not really sure WHAT files from where need to be moved/copied to get all of this functioning properly.


Any pointer/help would be VERY appreciated.


We're trying to get this site active for demonstration next week some time, and I'm SURE it's an easy fix.


Glenn Meadows

IndieBlu Music Holdings LLC.