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Problem getting ODBC connection to work with FM Server

Question asked by DavidCrockett on Jan 17, 2013


Problem getting ODBC connection to work with FM Server

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     I am trying to add an ODBC connection to some SQL databases to use within Filemaker.   The System DSN for this connection is pushed to all users of the company and it works correctly in Excel, Access etc.   I have created the system DSN on the server  (it was there in the 64 bit odbc connections via group policy but Filemaker needed it in the 32 bit odbc for it to show up in the Data Sources inside Filemaker). It has been triple checked to make sure all the settings are the same in both versions and when I test it i get the successful message like I do on every other PC.   I have added the external data source in filemaker and pointed it to the system DSN.  In Filemaker I can successfully do a FILE > NEW  or an Import Records command and successfully pull the records from the SQL db but it creates a new .fp7 file that i must then save somewhere.   I cannot, however, add the external data source I created to the relationship graph.  If I try to I get an error message saying that the username and password are no good.   If I close the file within FMServer and then open it as a stand alone file in Filemaker Pro it will successfully add to the relationship graph and work.   When close the file in Filemaker Pro and then open the file again inside FMServer so that other users in the company can access it then the SQL connection dissappears and shows <table missing>.   Any ideas?