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Problem Starting Database Server

Question asked by SandyP on Sep 29, 2009
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Problem Starting Database Server

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We're running FileMaker Server 10 (v on a virtual PC running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise with Service Pack 1.  When we reboot the server it seems to be a 50/50 chance if FileMaker Server starts up correctly. Some of the time everything seems fine and users can use the databases. At other times after the restart no databases are available.


We can launch the FileMaker Server Admin Console and log in. But the only options available are the overview screen and the log viewer. If you try to access anything else you get the message:

The Database Server is not available.

Admin Console functionality is limited to FileMaker Server Overview and the Log Viewer.

To use other functionality, please start the Database Server again.

Choosing "Start Database Server" brings up an egg-timer which changes back to a pointer after a minute or so but there is no apparent change and no messages.


Users trying to connect can't see any of the databases either so I'm fairly convinced that they aren't available rather than the console just not seeing them.


The log file only contains information events, no errors or warnings.


Any ideas would be appreciated.