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Problem upgrading Filemaker Server 9 to server 10

Question asked by ColinWalls on Apr 3, 2009
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Problem upgrading Filemaker Server 9 to server 10

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I'm new to filemaker and I've been tasked with doing an upgrade on our existing system.


Luckily I'm using a test box so nothing has gone live yet.


We recently purchased Filemaker Server 10.

I've been through the chapter 5 on on the getting started document for doing the upgrade.

  • Stopped the server.
  • Backed up all scripts databases.
  • Then uninstalled Server 9.
  • Installed Server 10.
  • Moved all my databases back.


All the config is the same but the PHP wont activate on the webserver (it's all running from a Windows 2003 Virtual server w/ IIS6.0).

I've double checked the config. 

I've stopped and started IIS.


The deployment picks up the IIS and says it's available.

But won't access PHP.


I'm down to unistalling FM Server 10 and about to reisntall.


Has anyone else had this problem and can shed light on it? 



Colin Walls