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Problem with dates in Portals

Question asked by shona1 on Mar 10, 2012
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Problem with dates in Portals

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I have a Database for rentals. The rental Card has a portal in it "RentalLineEntry" to track the Line items rented. On the Customers layout I have another portal for related records from "Rental Line Entry" which is bringing through each line but I can not get it to read the dates correctly. At the moment I have the Date field coming directly from the "Rental Card", and it wont show any other date than the first entry even though it is picking up Data from different rentals. I have tried putting a date in the Portal on the Rental Line Entry but then the date only shows up randomly in the Customers Layout.

My Related tables are - CustomersOrFamily, RentalCard, RentalLineEntry, RentalItems, RentalBoots.

It seems to work fine in the "Rental Items" portal showing what was rented and when, except I cannot get it sort by date order it will only show it in the order that it was entered.

Can you work out from this what I may have missed or do I need to upload some info.