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Problem with External Data sources

Question asked by Unnsteinn on Jun 4, 2010
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Problem with External Data sources

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I'm running a server using FMS 9 and the client is running Filemaker pro 9 advanced. The solution works by starting a startup file that accesses a file on the server which then activates databases both on the client and the server. These interconnections happen multiple times throughout the solution.

My current problem is that I can't get the databases on the server to connect to the client databases without hard coding the path to said folder, e.g. when I ask the database on the server to use the relative datapath (file:<Filename>.fp7) in External Data Sources it simply searches for said file in the server's folders. For now I've managed to fix the problem on Windows by simply hardcoding the path to the client files (ex. C:/Client/FileName.fp7), but then I hit the roadblock that the Mac OS has dynamic root (volume) names. So instead of hardcoding a separate line in the server files for each MAC user is there a way to universally solve the problem for mac that would work akin to using "filewin:/c:/FilePath/FileName.fp7" for windows.

Or if you know of another way that would solve this problem I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance