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problem with filemaker server 10a and odbc port 2399

Question asked by kapitaen_1 on Jun 2, 2009
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problem with filemaker server 10a and odbc port 2399

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Hi al,

i have a windows server 2003 with filemaker server 10a installed. The server had odbc configured to present its data via odbc. This has worked for one or two weeks.


Then in a sudden odbc didnt work any more. When trying to connect via the sequelink driver i only got the error message "connection refused".


I made a virtual vmware machine to test it out. odbc worked without a problem.


Then with the help of netstat and tcpview i found out, that on the virtual machine that works ok, the process fmserver.exe listens to port 2399. On the machine that doesnt work nothing listens to port 2399. But on both machines the filemaker server console tells that odbc is started correctly.


Is there any chance to get the machine running again, without re-installing everything from w2k3 up to fmp server?


greetings from germany