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    Problem with Globle Field



      Problem with Globle Field

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      Hi guys ,

      My Problem with the Globle Field, I have Field Called "Notes" . When i use this FM solution localy this Field works perfectley, but when i try to host this on FileMaker Server i can edit  and modify but as soon as i quit  or log off, when i try to log in to this globle Field is Blank,  nothing got saved,

      is that the Globle Field works over network?

      any tips ?

      Thanks in Advance

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          Thanks for posting!

          Your suspicion is correct. This is how global fields behave in hosted files. Any values placed into a global field by a client will not persist after the client's session ends or be displayed to other clients. You can find more info on global field behavior in the following knowledge base answer: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5895

          If you give a little more information on what you're trying to accomplish, I might be able to give some suggestions on how to proceed.


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            Hi thanks for quick response,

            i want to make the Notes Field, this Field Contain just  a reminders, quick notes stuff like that. And this should visible every where ,

            my solution is calander, and i create day records , so note Field visible on my layout, i can keep my remindings, so i use this globle field  on multiple layouts , i need to do this. 

            any solution ?


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              One option is to take the file down off the server, open it with FileMaker Pro, make your changes to the global field text and then return it to the server.

              Or you can define a text field for your notes in a new related table with just one record. You can relate all records of the main table to it with the X operator so you get:

              MainTable::Anyfield x NotesTable::anyfield

              Then you can place the Notes field from Notes table on any layout based on MainTable and you'll see the same text from your notes field. It's a bit more work to set up--especially if you have layouts based on different table occurrences that all need access to your notes field--that requires multiple relationships like the one above so that all the layouts can access this data, but it does work.

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                thanks phil, it works  :)