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Problem with implementation of Custom Web Publishing

Question asked by creek on Mar 28, 2012


Problem with implementation of Custom Web Publishing

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For several weeks I try to run the Custom Web Publishing. Unfortunately, I encountered several problems. I see in the browser only a blank page.

My configuration:

OS: Mac OS X 10.6 Server (Snow Leopard Server), currently 10.6.8
PHP 5.3.8
Apache 2.2.21

FileMaker Server

What I've done so far:

Before installing the server, I installed the Pear Date Package. cURL was already running. In php.ini location I added of the FileMaker API.

I also enabled CGI support. (

In Server Admin I turned off all Redirects for web sites. When installing FMS I chose the option "Use my existing installation of the PHP engine." The installation was successful. Test Page is also active.

And at this point my problems start.

I run Filemaker PHP Site Assistant and create the webpage using FMServer_Sample base. When I use the "View Site" I see only a blank white page.

When I use the "Generate Site" and save my page in the /Library/WebServer/Documents and then run it again I see a white blank page again.

I really need to have this operational. I would be very much obliged for any help.