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Problem with ODBC data

Question asked by jsabina on Mar 8, 2010
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Problem with ODBC data

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Hallo, I'm trying to share data between Filemaker 10 and Mysql.
I have MySql as source data.
I've set two different ways:

1. Filemaker 10 client -> ODBC manager on the client computer -> MySql on a remote server

2. Filemaker 10 server -> OBDC manager on the server - Mysql on the same server

It works, but when I refresh window on FileMaker sometimes the data displayed are not the same..
But I haven't problems updating MySql data from FileMaker.

I think (but I don't know really) it could be a Sql error..
But FileMaker doesn't display any error..

I see for a while the "omitted" record.. but after they disappear..!!
What can I do?
Sorry for my english, I hope you can understand me!