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    Problem with ODBC data



      Problem with ODBC data

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      Hallo, I'm trying to share data between Filemaker 10 and Mysql.
      I have MySql as source data.
      I've set two different ways:

      1. Filemaker 10 client -> ODBC manager on the client computer -> MySql on a remote server

      2. Filemaker 10 server -> OBDC manager on the server - Mysql on the same server

      It works, but when I refresh window on FileMaker sometimes the data displayed are not the same..
      But I haven't problems updating MySql data from FileMaker.

      I think (but I don't know really) it could be a Sql error..
      But FileMaker doesn't display any error..

      I see for a while the "omitted" record.. but after they disappear..!!
      What can I do?
      Sorry for my english, I hope you can understand me!


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          maybee it is either a random order by unsorted date ( you think you see the third record from top, but the third record is another as before refreshing)


          or you should try the refresh window script step with both options set.



          greetings from germany


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            I have the same problem. Please let me know if you find a solution.

            The problem appears to happen when I connect to a MySQL source, and then that data is edited in another application (non-Filemaker). This then 'hides' it in Filemaker, such that it appears to have disappeared (the record count decreases). I can find them individually by searching for specific criteria I know exist in the record, but that only brings it up temporarily, and it disappears if I do other stuff.

            I noticed in list-view, if I refresh, it momentarily shows all the records with question marks in them, and then most of them disappear from view. Performing a find does not bring all of them back, neither does refreshing the window.

            Hope someone can help!