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    problem with portal



      problem with portal

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      I have a table called requets, which is related to the table Data Entry.  They are related through a number of fields, including analysis ID 1-10.  I have a portal on the Request layout that shows Analysis 1-6 from the Data Entry table, along with Sample ID, Sample Name, and Sample Description from the Requests table.  All the analysis fields are set to populate from a pop up menu which has values from the Analysis value list.  However, I cannot get a selection made in any of the fields.  I can put in a sample name, ID, and description, and then I can get the pop up menu to come up, but if I attempt to make a selection, I get the following error message: "This field cannot be modified until "Analysis ID 3" is given a valid value."  I cannot make a selection for any of the analysis from this popup.


      This portal is supposed to allow the creation of new records in the Data Entry table, and should make one per sample.  I can't check to see if this is working until I can make analysis choices.  


         Any advice?  

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          They are related through a number of fields, including analysis ID 1-10.

          I think you'll need to spell that out in detail. That sounds like a very unusual relationship. Exactly what fields in each table match to another field in the related table? One way to show this is by uploading a screen shot of manage | database | relationships.

          I would think that you would have this relationship, which matches only one pair of fields:

          Requests::SampleID = Data Entry::SampleID

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            Sorry, I didn't realize I was on the Server forum when I posted.  I have enclosed an image of the relationship table.  It's complicated and messy, I know, but I haven't had a lot of luck getting the portal to work for me.  I did base this off the "Invoices" solution in FMP 11.  


            To be honest, I think I might be better served hiring a consultant to ask a few direct questions to, but I'll let you have a look and see what you think.

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              Your relationship between Requests and Data Entry is not going to work.

              Presumably, you have one request related to many data entry records with SampleID uniquely identifying each record in Requests. If so, then SampleID should be an auto-entered serial number in your requests table and this should be your relationship:

              Requests::SampleID = Data Entry::SampleID

              The analysis ID/Type 1 through analysis ID/Type 10 fields should not exist in both tables. What is the purpose of this set of fields?

              Likely, these 10 fields should be 10 separate related records.

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                Thanks for that.  Since the data is being entered through a portal, how do I assign the sample ID to be an auto-entered serial number?  I couldn't figure out how to do that.  


                I work in a laboratory, and each unique sample is related to a request and has a number of analysis associated to it.  Since each sample is not a standard product, I can't have a table of pre-populated samples from which to choose.  When I tried to set up the portal without the analysis fields the way they are, I couldn't enter any data.  This was the only way I could get the information for sample ID and description to be entered into the talbe.  


                I will make the adjustments tot he fields and see what I can do from there.  Thanks again!

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                  Define SampleID in Requests to be an auto entered serial number field. This is a field option you can specify after finding the field definition in Manage | Database | relationships and double clicking it.

                  Make the corresponding sample ID in Data Entry to be a simple number field.

                  If You double click the relationship line between Requests and Data Entry, you can specify "allow creation of records via this relationship" for data entry. Then, when you enter data in the bottom blank row of your portal, FileMaker will automatically copy the ID number from the current request record into the new data entry record.