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problem with portal

Question asked by NanetteHartley on Dec 30, 2011
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problem with portal

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I have a table called requets, which is related to the table Data Entry.  They are related through a number of fields, including analysis ID 1-10.  I have a portal on the Request layout that shows Analysis 1-6 from the Data Entry table, along with Sample ID, Sample Name, and Sample Description from the Requests table.  All the analysis fields are set to populate from a pop up menu which has values from the Analysis value list.  However, I cannot get a selection made in any of the fields.  I can put in a sample name, ID, and description, and then I can get the pop up menu to come up, but if I attempt to make a selection, I get the following error message: "This field cannot be modified until "Analysis ID 3" is given a valid value."  I cannot make a selection for any of the analysis from this popup.


This portal is supposed to allow the creation of new records in the Data Entry table, and should make one per sample.  I can't check to see if this is working until I can make analysis choices.  


   Any advice?