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Problems datasecurity using browser buttons together with IWP

Question asked by harold on Jun 1, 2011
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Problems datasecurity using browser buttons together with IWP

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Database published with IWP. Data is related to Username. After login user can only see information related to Username. Within FileMaker this works without exception.

Unfortunately the moment I use the buttons of the webbrowser to go back in history instead of the within FileMaker programmed buttons, suddenly I get different information. Also records which are not related to Username.

I am sure that it is not a problem within the database and the approach of data linked to the username, because I have tested that thoroughly.

I am wandering whether this is a safety problem with using a database via Instant Web Publishing or that there is something I have to activate or de-activate to clear out this problem.

I use FileMaker Server Advanced 11 on a windows server. The problem within the browser is tested in IE, Firefox and Safari. All give the same problem.